Sunday, January 24, 2010

Candid or Naive?

Jan 24, 2010 2:00 | Updated Jan 24, 2010 2:57
Analysis: Does Obama's candor on naivete inspire confidence?

Whether on Oprah, two books on the subject or in major interviews, there is nothing our dear leader likes to expound upon more than himself.

This excellent article explores if Obama my be taking candor into uncharted territory.

"Internal reflection is one thing and public confession quite another. Sharing as Obama did raises questions about whether he's learned the right lessons.
For starters, detractors have long labeled Obama as naive and hubristic; in the Time interview, he seems to echo their assessment.
Acknowledging not having comprehended that reality smacks of, indeed, naivete; proceeding in the face of such advice suggests, well, hubris.
These latest public ruminations, while honest, also might not be strategically helpful. Whose cause does Obama aid, exactly, by acknowledging that his administration misread the situation such that it "overestimated" some of the basics."

In summary, the article discussed how flying in the face of advise from experts, Obama blundered:

1) Misread the Situation: Thought he could bully Israel and Palestine to the negotiating table without realizing how difficult this would be.
2) Overestimated Ability: Thought that his abilities to persuade to overcome any obstacles.
3) No foresight - The White House did not anticipate the Israeli and Palestinian reactions.
4)Raised Expectations too High - Failing on points 1 -3, the White House hinted at historic progress.
5) Public Declarations Instead of Private Consultations - Trying to pressure parties with public declarations rather than the laying the groundwork via private consultations. These declarations along with the corresponding raised expectations drew lines in the sand that made it difficult for either side to compromise.
6) Loss of Public Support/Momentum - Obama lost the faith of the Israeli people early in the process. By not making grand gestures himself and belittling the efforts of others.
7) Overall Lack of Discernment - Little ability to assess and respond. The Democrats recent loss of the Senate seat and their super majority, show a lack of ability to discern and address their own problems let alone resolve bigger issues.

The White House has demonstrated these failings in almost every initiative they have undertaken. Unmentioned in the article is their setting a bold agenda and then leaving it in the hands of others to carry out their wishes no oversight. It seems like the adminstration feels like it is their responsibility to cheerlead and take credit but to let others carry the water.

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