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EBT (Food Stamps) Life: Drug & Booze Stamps Compliments of the USDA

EBT (Food Stamp) Life: Is a series devoted to the many creative ways people have been using EBT (Food Stamp) Cards to subsidize their lifestyles. Please note that many of these methods are of dubious legality and are not recommended.

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(aka It's For the Kids)

“The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer's money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars and depressions- began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to "help." -Thomas Sowell

Three recent incidents prompted this story:

Broken Food Stamp Connection
Shuts Down Town

The first incident involved walking into a grocery store a couple of months ago in the bad part of town to find it full of abandoned grocery carts. Literally every aisle had half a dozen or more abandoned carts crammed full of food. It was like one of those eerie science fiction movies where everyone on earth disappears. When I asked the check out lady about the empty carts, she said that the food stamp link had gone done about a half our before I arrived and all the customers had left.

First Day of the Month
Food Stamp Day
At Wal-Mart

The second incident occurred Friday at Wal-Mart.  I commented to the check out guy that the store was packed and that it must be the Easter rush. He replied it was the first of the month food stamp rush not any Easter rush.

Special thanks to the People of Wal-Mart for the photo:

People of Wal-Mart: Wrong Trunk

Bad Parents
Pumping Them Out
on Your Dime

The third incident involves an acquaintance with a night in shining armor complex. In other words, he is attracted to troubled ladies whom he thinks need to be saved by him. He managed to get married and have two kids with his last fix up project. This ended with a pretty quick divorce after several violent incidents climaxed with police involvement. I was recently surprised to learn that she is back living with him in his spare bedroom and is receiving food stamps for herself and their children.

Disclaimer: The above woman is not my friend's wife. It is a little stab at humor on my part. She was involved in fraud of a different kind. She cremated her mom on a BBQ grill in order to keep on cashing her government checks:

It's what Grandma would have wanted

These recent incidents really hammered home several points to me. There has been an incredible rise in the number of people on food stamps. It is highly unlikely that the vast majority of these people even need this assistance. In fact, judging by the number of morbidly obese people in Wal-Mart, the food stamps are probably killing many of them. Many of these people like my acquaintance are probably abusing the system by having other tax payers support their children.

Thank You for Giving Mommy Money for Drugs

While this program is often portrayed as an effort to help children of poor families get adequate nutrition, I suspect the reality is quite different. Most likely a good portion of the money that this program is freeing up by subsidizing food is being spent on drugs and booze for themselves and their shack up boyfriends.

Thanks USDA for subsidizing mommy's crystal meth habit:

National Policy Center: Substance Abuse and Welfare Reform

You have got to love Texas. They have come up with a simple solution to the tax payer subsidized mothers on drugs epidemic:

Texas to Implement Drug Testing for Food Stamp Recipients

As usual, the comments to this story offer some truer insights into this issue than perhaps the story itself:

"Heather Jan 1
"Oh, how misled you are. A small percentage? My mom was a single mother who worked for minimum wage and received assistance for several years. I lived all too close to the abusers of food stamps. Maybe 10% DIDN’T abuse free/low income housing and food stamps. Had plenty of money to buy drugs and drive a new car though. Knew people who fed their dogs steak every day because they were appalled at the fact that they couldn’t buy dog food with their food stamps. Like I said, I did know the 10% who did need them and didn’t abuse them, but they were indeed rare. The problem though is the system. If they go to work and make minimum wage they have to struggle and barely have enough left to eat tuna and peanut butter. If they don’t work they can collect more in food stamps than they can even make working, and eat steak everyday if they so choose. Our society shouldn’t be set up in such a fashion that it’s easier to not work and keep having babies than to work and support yourself.

There is also the misconception that it’s “FREE” or it’s just taking from the government (they just don’t understand that the government only has our – the workers – money, it doesn’t have any of it’s own) or that they are “owed” it somehow. NO! The people who ARE working and struggling themselves don’t owe anyone a “free” ride. Last week and I passed a cart full to the brim of meat. Had to be 50-60 pounds. Good stuff too, not 75/20. They were obviously immigrants who didn’t speak English, and probably illegal. But, let me say also, that there are 10 dirty white women (with 3 or more nasty children) to that 1 immigrant family with the same cart, so I’m not picking on immigrants. I completely understand why they want to come here. My point here is that the working poor can’t buy that much meat in a year (or 5), let alone a month. I am Caucasian by the way, have worked continuously since I was 15 and it’s probably been 3 years since I’ve had a steak.

That being said, there are also people who work that take advantage of the system. I have known workers and non workers who don’t have a problem buying drugs. I have worked with several people that had a couple of kids and used all their money for pills, weed, crack… you name it, and get more in food stamps and assisted living than I make in a month.

There are serious flaws in the system and I’m not naive enough to believe I know the answers. But what I do know is that there SHOULD be drug testing to get on and to stay on any government assistance. I also believe in the option for rehab that coincides with a strike system. I also believe that instead of repeatedly handing out assistance, we should help help them succeed (and I don’t mean McDonald’s or Wal-Mart, no one can live on minimum wage unless they are in high school or have a free place to live). A cure instead of treating the symptoms, what a novel idea! What scares me is that our government may not want to fix it. A government that aspires to control us would not, they would rather we were all dependent on them.

While we are on the subject… women getting child support (I am also a woman) should be drug tested if the payer of the child support wishes. I have known too many women who blow all the child support on partying and drugs with and then when the husband picks them up for his weekend (if he even gets to see them, which also needs to be addressed) he has to go (with the $120 a week he has left out of his check to live on) and buy coats and school supplies and clothes and food for them to take home because the mom is, to say the least, a sorry excuse for one."

"Benjamin Mar 22

I TOTALLY agree with Heather. I am a cashier at Wal-Mart, being paid minimum wage. I see people every single day coming through my checkout lane that obviously have nothing wrong with them and who are completely capable of working a job and earning their own living. But NO. They choose the easy route of sitting in their section 8 housing, popping out as many kids as they possibly can and then running to the government to whine about how they can’t afford them. Well NO S***, you can’t even support yourself, much less a child! How about closing your f****** legs or learning how to use a condom? Just the other day, I had a female customer who had three carts packed full of food, ($600 worth), and she stated that she had 6 children and I could also tell that she was very pregnant with a 7th. And of course, she pulled out her EBT card to pay for it. Amongst her purchases were steak, crab legs, lobster tails… you name it. It’s quite ironic… I have to ring up this shit that I can never afford, for people who are too lazy to work and then pay for it with MY TAX DOLLARS!!! Godd*****, am I not the only person who sees a problem in our system???

I get so sick of it because I work my ass off and still come out broke and unable to buy myself enough groceries every month. Sure, I could probably apply for food stamps. But I have dignity and respect myself. I believe being able to provide yourself and your family with food is the absolute fundamental objective in life and if you are unable to do that, you are a FAILURE.

I say the drug-testing for food stamps and unemployment should be mandatory in ALL states. Far too often, I see people pay for their groceries with EBT and then pull out a literal WAD of cash, (And we all know what that comes from), to pay for their non-food items. If they have that much cash, they can fucking afford to pay for their damn groceries. DEADBEATS, get a f****** job and work like the rest of us productive citizens. You are not any more special than us just because you don’t know how to use birth control and don’t like to work. Please stop thinking you are.
And P.S., I am NOT racist… I see just as much white trash using food stamps as I do blacks and hispanics"

Special thanks again to the People of Wal-Mart for the Photos:

People of Wal-Mart: Do Not Try This at Home

People of Wal-Mart: My Humps

And for Singles...
This Rounds on the US Tax Payer

That is why the below story on how single urban hipsters are now using food stamps ro pay for their alcohol and cigarettes comes as little surprise:

From the article:

"Up until recently I had always thought food stamps, aka electronic benefits, were strictly for people struggling to feed their families, the homeless, and ODB. I now know about 10 people off the top of my head who have EBT cards and are all under the age of 25 with jobs.
It never even crossed my mind that I could get them. It also never crossed my mind that I could buy beer and cigarettes with them until I watched a buddy of mine pick up a 22 of Heineken and a pouch of Drum on the government’s tab.

Basically an EBT card works exactly the same as a credit card, and since receipts at most bodegas in Brooklyn aren’t itemized and products in the store are never scanned (most likely because they are thieves), there is no way to tell what you actually bought. It’s all just money to them. More dollars in their pocket for bills and Sergio Tacchini warm up suits."

The latest in tax payer funded styles....

Even more enlightening than the article are some of the comments at the bottom:

"Anonymous, on Apr 2, 2010 wrote:
everybody against this is stupid. the money spent on welfare is spit in the ocean. plus, the system is fucking corrupt to begin with, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it. if you’re against this, you probably believe in god and country. so eat it, suckas!!
and to the people doing it, f*** you for writing an article about it for all the snitches to see. you’re just as bad as them."
Anonymous is right. We are bunch of dopes:  Dopes to be handing over our money to a corrupt bunch of clowns to piss down the toilet on schemes like this.
Anonymous would certainly not be shocked to learn that this type of scam has been going on for years. In fact, the GAO warned the USDA about this type of fraud in 2006:
Small grocery stores hotbeds for food stamp fraud
"Small convenience and grocery stores in low-income areas continue to be hotbeds for fraud, according to the Government Accountability Office.

The GAO is recommending that the Department of Agriculture intensify its focus on finding stores that violate federal rules and increase penalties for trafficking in misused stamps. The GAO's recommendations, in a report released in October, come as Congress is preparing to revisit the $29 billion-a-year food stamp program next year as part of a giant farm bill.

Among other things, the GAO is urging the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) — the agency within the Agriculture Department that runs the food stamp program — to review the 160,000 stores authorized to receive stamps to determine which are most likely to engage in fraud and to target them for enforcement."

All You Can Eat Crap

While the government is perfectly happy to micro manage our lives, they cannot be bothered to supervise the types of food that is being purchased with our tax dollars. In our Orwellian world, the Food and Nutrition Service within the USDA that runs food stamps is fine with the money being used to buy junk food:

From the USDA website used to train retailers:
Households CAN use food stamp benefits to buy:
• all food intended to be eaten at home. This includes the
four staple food categories mentioned earlier as well as
nonalcoholic beverages, snack foods, soft drinks, candy, and ice.

Food Stamp
Mom of the Month
(aka Eight is Not Enough)

In closing, I would like to nominate Nadia Suleman, otherwise known as the Octomom, as the Food Stamp Recipient of the month.

While you may have waited to have kids until you had saved enough to take care of them or may have had less children than you would have liked to, you will be glad to know your hard earned tax money is letting Nadia fulfill her dreams of becoming the next Angelina Jolie.


Anonymous said...

I'm a cashier at Walmart and I see these lazy, good-for-nothing, third-generation lowlifes every day. What p**ses me off are these b**ch whores (yes, that's what they are!) use their WIC coupons AND THEY'RE PREGNANT!! Which means I and every taxpayer out there has to feed their next kid, too! And then after I/we are done paying for their WIC items for them, they use food stamps and let us pay for the rest of their order! Geez, I for one am tired of feeding their kids. I once saw a bumper sticker that said "If you can't feed em, don't breed em!". How true that is! But they've got money to buy pet food, cell phone cards, DVDs, CDs and a variety of other luxuries. Why don't they divert the money they're spending on that sh*t to feed their kids? I'm all for helping people who genuinely need it, but these progams have gotten waaaaayyyy out of hand. There has to be a better way to screen who has a genuine need. I might be willing to pay to feed their first child, but after that they're on their own. They need to be sterilized!! They have no shame. They just keep having kids and keep wanting me to pay to feed em.


Stupid b**ch whores!!!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people that work, pay taxes and qualify for assistance. They pay market rent, and their bills. Many have been laid-off. If these people need help, they have the right to seek it. Kids, adults, and families shouldn't starve because of judgement. Some people might abuse the system, and more should be done. One should not assume that everyone that is getting food stamps is a low-life, drunk, addict or whoer. Problems of living occur everyday, we can't predict what will happen tomorrow....Everyone needs to be weary of passing judgement. You never know if you will become a victim of a bad accident, become paralyzed and one day need help. You don't know how and why someone became an addict, homeless or a whoer! Its not a black problem, its not a hispanic problem, nor is it a white problem....these issues are human problems. A list of solutions sounds a lot better then just pointing fingers. Never presume that only 10% are using the system correctly! Unless you have conducted a study that consists of people in a variety of different towns, states, races, background, and circumstances. Otherwise, its closed minded, judgemental, and racist. Just be happy you have learned to be successful in life, and pray for the ones who haven't.

JohnQuincy said...

Thank you for your comments Anonymous 12/21/2010. JohnQuincy encourages an open dialog across the political spectrum.

Since we have opposite points of view, please allow me to briefly respond:

While lots of people work and qualify for assistance, many do not pay taxes nor do they pay market rent or their bills. In 2009, roughly 47% of households, or 71 million, will not owe any federal income tax, according to estimates by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center (source: Further, many of these people qualify for section 8 housing vouchers and/or rent controlled apartments. As far as paying their bills, many of these people also qualify for utility assistance. It strains the imagination to think that pretty soon a majority of the population will pay no federal taxes yet be able to vote for an ever expanding set of entitlements.

It is curious that you are quick to condemn "judgement' yet feel free to judge others. Your definition of "judgement" seems to mean any set of ideas that do not agree with your own. Despite a wealth of evidence pointing to the corrosive influence of government handouts, we are supposed to naively put our trust in their supposed benign intent. "The lessons of history, confirmed by evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence on relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration fundamentally destructive to the national fiber. To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is a violation of the traditions of America." -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Yes, some people have been laid off. How does paying them not to work solve the problem? Does paying people not to work give them a lot of incentive to go out and find a job? While it would seem intuitive that paying people not to work does not encourage full employment, they actually hand out Nobel prizes for studies verifying this: "One conclusion is that more generous unemployment benefits give rise to higher unemployment and longer search times." (Source:
While the argument is that there are no jobs to be found. It is curious that people that do not qualify for unemployment do not seem to have much trouble finding them: "A new study indicates that immigrant workers have found jobs faster than their native-born counterparts after the economic downturn in 2008." (Source:

Do you honestly believe people are starving in America? If that is so, how come there is such a strong correlation between poverty and obesity in the United States? "Seven of the 10 states with the highest poverty levels are also among the 10 states with the highest obesity rates." (Source: If anyone is starving, it is the Chinese peasants who are perversely subsidizing the American obesity epidemic by funding our government debt.


JohnQuincy said...

A brief perusal of the Bill of Right to our Constitution shows no right to be entitled to government handouts.

My post does not assume that many of the people getting food stamps are low lifes. It backs up this assertion with statistics showing that people on these programs are almost twice as likely to be drug abusers and drunks.

It also refers to Food stamps recipients not to accident victims and/or the paralyzed. The disbabled qualify for social security disability payments which is a separate program. BTW, since you broach the topic, social security disability payments are one of the fastest growing sources of government fraud. The Social Security Administration has fallen behind in reviewing the medical conditions of 1.7 million Americans on its disability rolls, potentially paying up to $11 billion in benefits to people who are no longer disabled. (Source:

It is convenient that you would like us to pretend that there is no racial component to the issue when the most vulnerable racial groups are ones being destroyed by these these handouts. "The assumption that spending more of the taxpayer's money will make things better has survived all kinds of evidence that it has made things worse. The black family- which survived slavery, discrimination, poverty, wars andepressions- began to come apart as the federal government moved in with its well-financed programs to "help."” -Thomas Sowell

What is wrong with pointing fingers at a program that has a corrosive impact on society? It seems to be the Progressive gimmick to suggest that the opposition is somehow obligated to suggest ways to improve government programs that are foul to their very core. How about doing away with these programs altogether? Let me play along with this losing game and suggest a food program that would prevent people from starving, stop abuse and encourage self suffiency:

1) Conduct random drug, tobacco and alcohol breathalyzer tests for all recipients over the age of 12 at least once a month and deny benefits to anyone that fails (detection any illegal drugs, tobacco and/or alcohol in their systems) including their families.
2) Children of families that fail the substance abuse tests described above can be placed in foster care to receive assistance.
3) Insert Norplants in all female recipients of child bearing age.
4) Eliminate all cash benefits and the use of government cards at grocery stores.
5) Require all recipients over the age of 18 to work for any benefits and recipients under the age of 18 to attend school and receive passing grades.
6) Deny felons the right to receive benefits.
7) Hand out only surplus USDA food at designated government centers. This surplus would consist of items such as:
a. flour
b. rice
c. sacks of potatoes
d. carrots
d. apples
e. blocks of cheese
f. milk
8) Cutoff all benefits after one year.
9) Pay any adult of child bearing age applying for the program a thousand dollar bounty for free (VOLUNTARY) strerilization.
10) Dissallow benefits the obese as determined by their BMI.

Does disagreeing with the notion that a government handout is the solution to all issues really make one close minded and racist? Yes, I have been fortunate to learn how to be successful and that lesson did not include accepting government handouts even when I could qualify for them. It is curious that you mention prayer when espousing a socialist/welfare state since such states are godless and have an extensive history of annihilating vasts sections of their populations in the name of progress. Google Stalin or Mao for more details on the wonders of socialist utopias..