Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EBT (Food Stamp) Life: Free Beer, Cigarettes and Drugs Tips

EBT (Food Stamp) Life: Is a series devoted to the many creative ways people have been using EBT (Food Stamp) Cards to subsidize their lifestyles.

While purchasing alcohol and drugs with your EBT (Food Stamps) card is illegal and is not condoned by this blog, it is surprisingly easy to do. Often it involves nothing more than a stroll to your local bodega. If you do not know what a bodega is, you are probably one of the fools paying for this program via your tax dollars.

Since my last post Drug and Booze Stamps Compliments of USDA has made this site a haven for people in Brooklyn googling on how to purchase Beer with their EBT cards, I am offering the below training course on how to spot stores that will service your needs.

The Basics

Any potential target will be plastered with beer, cigarette and lottery ticket advertisements. It will also proudly announce that it accepts W.I.C. checks/Food Stamps. For your reference, I have tagged the W.I.C. sign.

The Test

Don't worry. There is no grade. Everyone with an EBT card passes. All you have to do is pick the stores meeting the above criteria that you think will sell you drugs. The store are all found in a seven block area on Norstrand Avenue between Atlantic and Eastern in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Answers will be provided at the bottom.

BONUS TIP: Candidate #5 demonstates and important rule, no cameras. Cameras tend to scare away drug sources. Compare shots #1 and #2 for candidate #5.

Candidate #1: 777 Nostrand Deli

Candidate #2: A&M Grocery

Candidate #3: Lealy Super Deli

Candidate #4: Algad Quick Stop

Candidate #4: Song's West Indian Grocery
Those colorful things are fruits and vegetables.
Stay away no drugs here.

Candidate #5: Nostrand Ave Deli Food Corp (Shot #1)
The Strange Case of the Disappearing Men

Candidate #5: Nostrand Ave Deli Food Corp (Shot #2)
Seconds Later Poof, They Are Gone

Candidate #6: Prospects Deli and Grocery

Candidate #7: Deli & Grocery Store #1

Candidate #8: Deli & Grocery #2

Candidate #9: Yemen Grocerys where have I heard that name before?

Oh yes, that is where the exploding breast implant and crotch bombers come from:

Answer Key
Free Answers/Free Drugs

If you picked six of the above nine, you are most likely correct. Which six? If I had to guess, probably the ones with guys loitering around the pay phones.

Why six? Six is how many the NYPD just busted for selling marijuana and cocaine:

"People who live along a ten-block stretch of Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn describe it as an around-the-clock "open drug bazaar."

This morning NYPD narcotics officers raided six businesses in the neighborhood where, they say -- along with CDs, jerk chicken and T-shirts -- marijuana and cocaine were being sold.

The raids come after a two month investigation during which undercover officers reportedly made more than 50 buys.

Police targeted Nostrand Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights after neighbors complained to the Brooklyn District Attorney's office.

Police say the businesses serviced some 400 drug customers a week, with a pound of marijuana selling for $1,100 ."


For buyers, all you risk is being turned down. From my count, you have a better than even chance of scoring. The raid itself was conducted by the NYPD not the USDA and it was due to complaints by neighbors. If you would just be cool and quit peeing on their stoops, you would keep your sources open longer

The USDA was warned about this six years ago and have apparently done nothing so you do not have to worry about your funds drying up:.

 Congratulation! You have passed the test. Happy scoring. It is on the house.


United Citizens Council said...

Sounds like a wonderful neighborHOOD


John Quincy said...

Yes, please drop by the hood anytime.

Just remember, no cameras. They scare the locals.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for literally decades. I grew up in the 1970's, and knew a family of drug dealers back then who lived very well on their 'income' but also received food stamps because, of course, they did not report said income to IRS. And this in rural Tennessee.

Henry Jon said...

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