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EBT Life: Greetings From the Welfare State

EBT (Food Stamp) Life: Is a series devoted to the many creative ways people have been using EBT (Food Stamp) Cards to subsidize their lifestyles and the elites that actively promote this.

Please note that many of these methods are of dubious legality and are not recommended to quote FDR: "To dole out relief in this way is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit. It is inimical to the dictates of sound policy. It is a violation of the traditions of America."

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Poverty Pays

According to recent surveys, the worst paying college major is Social Work: Worst-Paying College Degrees.

Apparently no one informed the US Government because they pay well above this for social work. Take for example the reported 2008 salary of Jessica Shihan of  $165.080:

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Shoveling the Dough
(Winning the Lottery)

She gets paid a lot to shovel out your tax dollars. Here is Shahin forking over  $7 Million to the State of Florida for being good at doling out money:

The money was awarded for Florida reducing its "payment error rate." In the private sector, this would mean making sure checks were made out to the correct parties for the correct amounts. The award in the private sector for accomplishing this task is not getting fired. In our Orwellian public sector, it means rejecting virtually no one who applies for a check.

Below is Republican Governor Crist applauding this effort:

While the above paragraph makes it appear that the award was for prudence in determining the eligibility for food stamps, it takes for granted that you are a complete dope and will assume that there are prudent eligibility requirements.

Below some highlights from the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Food Stamps) eligibility guidelines:

Liar Loans/Liar Stamps

In the enlightened realm where the federal government dwells, people are allowed to choose how much money they make when they apply for government backed mortgages and how many assets they do not have when they apply for food stamps with no documentation required:

Ask and You Shall Receive

In case you were getting worried that they were just giving out food stamps to anyone, to qualify you will have to actually either call an 800 number or come in to an office and get a pamphlet:

***TANF/MOE(Temporary Assistance Needy Families/Maintenance of Effort)

It is important to note that, while states can set more stringent guidelines than the above federal ones, the impetus behind these guidelines and cash awards is to encourage states to add everyone possible to their welfare roles. According to USDA, this push is at the request President Obama.

Florida, the state pictured receiving the cash award above, is a state that has fallen for both the double car wrecks of federally encouraged liar loans and liar stamps. The liar loans ruined its economy and the liar stamps will now start their insidious work of destroying, as Franklin Roosevelt put it, the spirit of its people.  Florida now has the dubious distinction of having the highest per capita food stamp roles in the nation:

Pimping SNAP
(Destroying Families)
Good Politics

Not to pick on Jessica Shahin, she is just a government bureaucrat who is carrying out orders from the top:

As described in my earlier post, Obama's New Math & the Rise of the Unwed Mother, single mothers dependent on the government are his most important demographic:

They are significantly more liberal (expect other people to pay for their way in life) than married moms
Not surprisingly, they vote democrat in droves in more significant numbers than any other demographic group:

Marie Antoinette Winfrey
& the
Food Stamp Obesity Paradox

While Food Stamps are pimped out as a way of helping needy families especially single mothers and children, the reality as with many other government programs is quite different. Take for example the strong correlation with food stamp aid and morbid obesity:

Special thanks to the People of Walmart for the photo.

The favored government solution to this government funded obesity plague is to expand the program even further:

This has led to a giant PR campaign to paper over the obesity plague led by our first lady, Marie Antoinette Winfrey. Here she describes cleansing her bowels with vegetables:


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