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EverWar: Meet John Doe #2

'O wretched countrymen! what fury reigns?
What more than madness has possess'd your brains?

Think you the Grecians from your coasts are gone?
And are Ulysses' arts no better known?
This hollow fabric either must inclose,
Within its blind recess, our secret foes

-The Aeneid  Book II (The Trojan Horse), High Priest Lancoon Warns His People by Virgil

What the ancients well knew, we have forgotten at our peril: Once great civilizations often invite their own destruction by blindly wheeling their mortal enemies inside their gates to reek destruction from within. Like ancient Troy, America has been compromised. Similar to the Trojans, there will come a time when great poets will write odes describing our folly and when our very existence will be questioned as myth.

The process of turning our collective memory into fable has already begun,  In preparation for the Brave New World that the elites have in store us, our memory banks are being erased and replaced with fresh images. Case in point, John Doe #2, the spectre that still haunts the John Murrah Federal building memorial.

While the official version of events have Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols acting alone, initial accounts were radically different with numerous credible eyewitnesses identifying not only Timothy McVeigh but also a group a men, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent, acting in coordination with him. In fact, the initial FBI APB (All Point Bulletin) that was broadcast the day of the blast was: "To be on the look out for a late model, almost new, Chevrolet full-size pick up, will be brown in color with tinted windows and smoke-colored bug deflector on the front of the pick up." Witnesses reported several men in the cab with the main suspect described to be a "Middle Easter male, twenty-five to twenty-eight years of age, size feet tall, athletic build, dark hair and a beard."

If as credible evidence suggests, McVeigh and Nichols did not act alone, what are the implications?  What if our own elites subscribe to the theory that at our very core, our system of government and people were the true source of evil in the world? Would it be possible that they would not only gladly wheel our enemies inside our gates but also construct the vessel to transport our mortal foes.inside? In this episode of EverWar, we will delve into strange case of John Doe #2.

Ever War Series

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Meet John Doe

Before jumping into a dark topic, please allow me to indulge my love of classic movies by pointing out some striking parallels between the Oklahoma bombing case and another John Doe from popular culture, "Meet John Doe," the 1941 movie by Frank Capra.

Similar to the Oklahoma City bombing case, Meet John Doe involves the the cynical manipulation of the public for corrupt political ends. In the movie, Barbara Stanwyck, who plays a reporter, writes a fake letter to the editor of her paper after being fired from her job. The paper is forced to rehire her after her hoax letter goes viral.

The letter is purported to be from a John Doe who threatens to commit suicide by leaping from the top of city hall to protest the corruption that has robbed him of employments. In the movie, Gary Cooper, plays the John Doe character who is a hobo hired to play the fake character for public consumption.

John Doe become a popular hero by espousing what he call "Neighborliness" to combat the widespread corruption and unemployment at the time. In response, John Doe clubs are formed throughout the country to support this movements. Eventually, the John Doe character comes to believe in the goodness of his fellow man to combat the ills of society.

This theme of "Neighborliness" was Capra's vision for the movie. He wanted to combat the spreading totalitarianism in the world by espousing a Christ-like love thy neighbor philosophy.

The publisher of the paper played by Edward R. Norton decided to capitalize on the popularity of the fake John Doe character to further his cynical political ambitions. When Gary Cooper (John Doe) learns of this plot, he threatens to expose it. Instead the publisher beats John Doe to the punch and exposes him as a fraud who has duped the public leading to his disgrace. 

To prove his sincerity, John Doe goes to City Hall on Christmas Eve planning on going through with the suicide threatened in the fake letter to the editor. In the end, the John Doe clubs rally behind him by going to City Hall and halting the suicide attempt. 

While "Meet John Doe" is not the most critically acclaimed of Frank Capra's social commentaries, it does rank #41 on the American Film Instituter's 100 most inspiring films of all time:

AFI's 100 YEARS...100 CHEERS

Since the film has entered the public domain, you can watch in online in its entirety for free:

The Trojan Horse
 A Suicide Pact

Rule #4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. "You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity. -Saul Alynski, Rules for Radicals

 "strict observance of the written law is doubtless one of the high duties of a good citizen, but it is not the highest. The laws of necessity, of self-preservation, of saving our country when in danger, are of higher obligation. To lose our country by a scrupulous adherence to the written law, would be to lose the law itself, with life, liberty, property and all those who are enjoying them with us; thus absurdly sacrificing the ends to the means. -Thomas Jefferson    

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact" -Justice Robert H. Jackson

At this point, you may be forgiven for wondering where JohnQuincy is going with this post so allow me be blunt:

Similar to the movie, Meet John Doe, the angels of our better nature are being cynically used by our  adversaries  to drive us to commit national suicide. Our very ideals are the Trojan horse that our own elites and their totalitrian allies to enslave us. It is telling that our President Barak Obama and his Secretrary of State, Hillary Clinton both studied and taught these methods of overthrowing our free society.

Below is a link to Hillary's college thesis on Saul Alysnski:

"THERE IS ONLY THE FIGHT..." An Analysis of the Alinsky Model by Hillary D. Rodham

Enemy Inside the Gates

Importing terrorism: the U.S. government has thrown open our borders to potential Iraqi terrorists disguised as refugees

In fact, we know for certain that the Iraqi refugee population contains highly trained assets of the Iraqi military, including the vaunted Republican Guard. We know this because Washington brought them here.

At the end of the first Gulf War in 1991, the first Bush administration began a program, which the Clinton administration continued, to resettle thousands of Iraqi POWs in the United States at taxpayer expense.

Iraq's OKC Connection?

Among the dubious, taxpayer-supported Iraqi refugees was Hussain Al-Hussaini, one of several hundred former Iraqi soldiers -- including Republican Guard cadres -- who took up residence in Oklahoma. Several eyewitnesses to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing placed Al-Hussaini in the company of executed terrorist Timothy McVeigh on the morning of that atrocity (see "OKC's Mideast Connection" in our September 14, 1998 issue).


Steven Emerson producer of Jihad in America inavertendtly stumbles on a Muslim Arab Association conference of over six thousand people at a downtown OKC hotel. Khalid Meshal the military and terrorist commander of Hammas was a featured speaker calling for the death of infidels.


Nichols first trip to Cebu paid for by McVeigh

1991 McVeigh resigns from the army


Nichols recounces US Citizenship
Nichol's final trip to the Phillipines. He tells his son that he will die, not come back. He gives his ex-wife a parcel to open in case of his death.

It told of a secret compartement in Padilla's kitchen with $20k and told McVeigh to clean out two storage units in Council Grove Kansas.


Dr Abdul hires former Iraqi soldiers to work at his property management firm.


Prior warning of attack by Middle Eastern groups

april 1995

Dr Abdul's secretary spots the brown truck with Abraham Ahmad behind the wheel
She also spots a car similar to the Marquis with Ahmen and Abdul conversing with the driver who could not be seen.


Elliot's Body Shop Junction City Kansas. Robert Kling (later indetified as Timothy McVeigh) rents a Ryder truck accompanied by an unidentified man.

Witnesses later decribe two suspects John Doe #1 and John Doe #2.

Dreamland Hotel owner Lea McGown identified John Doe #1 as Timothy McVeigh. She believes that she distracted him will

04/19/95 8:45am

Manuel Acosta spots late model shiny brown chevrolet pick up with tinted windows parked in front of the Murrah Federal building spotted two Middle Eastern men on waving hand signals to the other who was on the north side of 5

th street. Both jumped into the truck and fled the scene

4/19/95 five minutes before explosion

Timothy McVeigh and a dark haired passenger are spotted fleeing the scene in the Mecury Marquis

04/19/95 9:30am

Abraham Ahmad takes off from Oklahoma City's Wil Roger's airport bound for Amman Jordan. Unemployed yet purchased a house from a Palestinian Property Management Company whose owner had been convicted of Insurance fraud. FBI also question how someone who is unemployed could afford the expensive plane tickets.


Vincent Cannistraro

Reported that a Saudi Source had called him an reported an Iraqi connection to the bombing.

Another key piece of evidence Oklahoma City conspiracy buffs point to is a conversation the CIA's Cannistraro had with an FBI agent in the immediate aftermath of the bombing. Cannistraro told the Bureau a Saudi Arabian intelligence source, after hearing the news of the Murrah Building attack, called to tell him he'd heard reports that an hit squad of terrorists, possibly Iraqi, had been sent to America. Cannistraro told the FBI he could not vouch for the information, but that the Saudi source had been credib4/10le in the past.

But Cannistraro stresses his Saudi source called him back days later to tell him the information about the hit squad was "bogus." "That part doesn't get into their story because they have their theory of what happened," he says. And the early APB about Middle Eastern subjects, too, turned out to be based on a bad tip. "The fact that a particular bulletin after the Oklahoma City bombing turned out to be inaccurate would not be a surprise at all," says Potok. "The vast majority of tips that day were worthless."


call to the FBI Los Angeles Crisis center claiming responsibility for the attack by NFI an Islamic group


fbi teletype of conveying urgent information from a source close to Saudi Intellingence that federal buildings were being targeted.


Timothy McVeigh expressed indignation against the US bombing of Iraq and defends their right to stockpile weapons of mass descruction


Sixty Minutes Interview Tim McVeigh expresses disgust at US Foreign policy in Iraq


Tim McVeigh sends letter of support for Ramsi Yousef to Fox News.


US New and World Reports prints story the cites top Pentagon sources as believing that Tim McVeigh was an Iraqi agent.



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