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Words of the Week - quotidian, chav

Words of the Week

One of the words of the week is brought to you by the UK Daily Telegraph who came out with an outstanding article yesterday on the riots in London:

1. daily: a quotidian report.
2. usual or customary; everyday: quotidian needs.
3. ordinary; commonplace: paintings of no more than quotidian artistry.
4. (of a fever, ague, etc.) characterized by paroxysms that recur daily.

The other word is slang from the UK. It is a term that is essential for understanding why the recent London riots occurred:

2. chav
Derived from Chatham in Kent, this term can be applied loosely to every culture with a nasty, thieving element. There are many variants of this creature but all are subject to the following commonalities: Chavs are completely Amoral, having never been subjected to right and wrong by their inattentive, uncaring and often absent parents

UK Riots - A Ground Breaking Article

Here is the telegraph article:

A palpable change in the national mood

More than 20 years ago, the American sociologist Charles Murray wrote a series of articles about the emerging British underclass. He identified in some of our towns and cities the same trend that had been seen in America: a rapid rise in the number of children born into homes with no resident father and where the principal source of income was welfare benefit...Today, the benefits system sustains the underclass and poor state schooling is unable to compensate for the harm caused by broken homes and absent fathers. Inadequate policing cannot suppress the symptoms of crime and disorder. These communities are trapped in a vicious circle, where violence, crime, intimidation and hopelessness are quotidian

Charles Murray - Prophet in the Desert

Here is a link to a compilation of those ground breaking articles:

Underclass + 10

Here are some salient quotes from the compilation:

'Over the last two decades, larger and larger numbers of British children have not been socialised to norms of selfcontrol, consideration for others, and the concept that actions have consequences’

‘No alternative family structure comes close to the merits of two parents, formally married’

‘...the problems of the underclass are driven by the breakdown in socialisation of the young, which in turn is driven by the breakdown of the family’ 

 ‘...human institutions evolve and are sustained by deeper forces than any singlegeneration can comprehend’

'We are acting as if all those millennia of human experience, across civilisations and races and cultures, are irrelevant’

Replacing the Welfare State 

Here is a Charles Murray lecture where he presents a compelling plan to radically alter the current US social welfare structure:

Charles Murray at the Common Wealth Club of California from April 18, 2005

 In Our Hands: A Plan To Replace The Welfare State

Here is a more recent lecture where Charles Murray discusses many changes in US society that mirror the changes in the UK that led to the recent riots:

C-Span, The State of White America with Sponsorship by the American Enterprise Institute

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