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Circle One: The Jan Paul Beahm Story

 Work in Progress - Please Pardon the Dust

Orpheum Theater, Sunset Strip, Los Angelese Apr 16, 1977

We made noise. Darby stuck the mic in a jar of peanut butter. It was a dare, we had no songs or anything! Lorna wore her pants inside out, and Darby covered himself in red licorice... We made noise for five minutes until they threw us off. -Pat Smear

Larchmont Hall, Hancock Park, 180 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles

Friday, August 5th, 1977 1st Slash Benefit Concert

The Whisky, Sunset Strip, 8901 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

October 3rd and 4th 1977

May 23, 1977

July 15, 1978


The Masque, Hollywood

I didn't want to book the Germs at first.They can't play their instruments; they just throw food all over. They would do an excruciating version of "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies and pour sugar all over the audience. Darby cut himself sometimes, so there was blood, but you couldn't tell, it was such a mess. And Darby had his cult. To be in the cult, you had a Germs Burn administered, which was a cigarette put out on the inside of your wrist. -Brendan Mullen, Masque Owner

At a fan-packed performance at the nightclub The Masque, Darby Crash, lead singer of the punk band The Germs, deliberately cuts his bare chest with a knife onstage. -What We Do Is Secret - timeline
November 23, 1977
December 03, 1977

January 20, 1978
 Mabuhay Gardens, North Beach San Francisco

October 7, 1977

January 18 & 19, 1978

November 4, 1978
Elks Lodge Hall - MacArthure Park, West Lake, Los Angeles

An architectural tour de force, the opulent Park Plaza embodies the rich and decadent boomtown times of Los Angeles before the 1929 stock market crash. Built in 1925 (it was originally an Elks Lodge), the Hotel languished into a lamentable state of disrepair during the 80s and 90s. Fortunately, it’s been rescued from ruin by the same folks who refurbished the Oviatt. Finishing touches on the extensive facelift were completed in October of ‘99. Here Comes the Guide -The Legendary Park Plaza

February 24, 1978

March 10, 1978
Roosevelt Hotel

Darby Crash and The Germs are forcibly ejected from the Roosevelt Hotel after Crash intentionally smashes a ceiling mirror as part of their performance. During the subsequent melee, Crash attempts to incite the agitated crowd to riot, yelling: "We can burn this place to the ground!" -What We Do Is Secret - timeline

October 31, 1978

The Other Masque - 6314 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, California

January 12, 1979


February 24, 1979
 The Deaf Club, Mission District, 530 Valencia, San Francisco, California
March 3, 1979 


The Fleetwood, Redondo Beach, California

April 26, 1979

During a performance at the small punk club The Fleetwood, The Germs' lead singer Darby Crash is struck in the head by a beer bottle hurled by a disgruntled patron after ignoring repeated calls from the audience to "Cut yourself!" LAPD riot squad disperses the unruly crowd. What We Do Is Secret - timeline


 June 17, 1979

March 13, 1980


Hong Kong Cafe, China Town, 425 Ging Ling Way, Los Angelese, California

September 22, 1979

October 31, 1979
December 31, 1979


North Park Lions Club, 3927 Utah Street, San Diego, CA
January 19, 1980


Hope Street Hall

December 14, 1979


December 03, 1980




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