Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marshalsea Prison: A Short History of Money

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Tributary Systems of Government - Commodity Money

Before money came into widespread use, major civilizations operated on a mainly tributary basis where peripheral parts of an empire were required to pay tribute to a central core.

In these civilizations, the markets were typically highly regulated and played only a small role in commerce. The markets themselves tended to use a commodity system of money. Commodity money unlike modern paper money which can easily lose its value, has an inherent value.

Unfortunately, most forms of commodity money serve as a poor store of value since they can easily degrade. Since differing societies place differing values on certain commodities, they can also serve as a poor form of exchange between differing peoples.

Metal Money

Metal serves as the best commodity for money. Since it does not easily degrade

A Case for the World's Oldest Coin: Lydian Lion

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