Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marshalsea Prison: The Wages of Sodom

The relationship between usury and sodomy.

Relationship 1 - Both are a denial of God:

According to Dante, usery and Sodomy are both located in the seventh circle of hell.The seventh circle of hell is divided into three zones Usery and sodomy are both classed in the Violence against God (God Deniers) zone. This in in accordance with Aristotelian ethics where Nature is the art of God and Man's industry its offspring.

Dante By Barbara Reynolds

Relationship 2 - Per Milton, both replace telos (purpose) with fetishism:

Idols of the Marketplace by David Hawkes Center for Media Literacy - Idols of the Marketplace Encyclopedia Britannica - Baconian Method Idola fori Philosophy Forums - Bacon vs. Aristotle Enhancing Our Way to Happiness?: Aristotle Versus Bacon on the Nature of True Happiness

Relationship 3 - Both are against natural increase:

According to Ezra Pound capital and money should be tied. In other words, money should be backed by hard assets. If they were, interest would be linked to the natural increase of those assets.

The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia edited by Demetres P. Tryphonopoulos, Stephen J. Adams
The Cantos
The Fate of Vegetable Money

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