Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Water Trade


This has created a joint venture with PMI, Psychic Media International, which is headed by Huw Shakeshaft, on distribution of its divination content. ...


I invested in the Linda Goodman investment promoted and run by Huw Shakeshaft. This comapny was supposed to set up an e-commerce site to promote the horoscopes and psychic teachings of Linda in the internet bubble days. I personally lost $60,000 although I think a total of $1 or $2 million was actually raised.

I'm unsure if it was outright fraud or incompetence, but all monies were unrecoverable and investors lost everything.

Talks a great story but Huw Shakeshaft is not to be trusted with any of your hard earned cash ~ and it would be unwise to believe his endorsement of Ron Bard.

Bob Nordic

I can also confirm that any statement or opinion Huw Shakeshaft is not to be trusted. He defrauded multiple investors, including some of his closest friends, in an internet scam in Tokyo in 1999. He enriched himself using investor funds, staying at 5 star hotels in Los Angeles, renting Italian sportscars and buying himself expensive watches and jewelry

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