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Identifying Different Psychopaths

“There were a billion lights out there on the horizon and I knew that all of them put together weren't enough to light the darkness in the hearts of some men.”   - Michael Connelly, The Scarecrow

38 Identifying Different Psychopaths
The Greatest Truth Never Told
Chris Duane

Below is a partial transcript of the above video. It is part of the  excellent The Greatest Truth Never Told video series by Chris Duane

False Image

Our social powers take great care to create images of psychopaths. These images focus on psychopaths such as serial killers that are extremely rare and have very few victims. There are more common types of psychopaths that prey upon our society that we need to be aware of.

Primary Psychopaths

There are two versions of primary psychopaths. The first of these is the Distempered Primary Psychopath are the violent predators that do not respond to punishment. These second kind of primary psychopath is the charismatic kind. They are able to live the big lie.

Secondary Psychopaths

Next to primary psychopaths there are secondary psychopaths. Secondary psychopaths can also be categorized between the distempered and charismatic. The distempered secondary psychopath is the risk taker that created violence but fears being caught. The charismatic secondary psychopath is able to tell the small lie and live with it. The common factor between them is that they are hurt and/or deranged people who seek control over others. They do not sense or care to sense the emotions of others and actually get a high off their anti-social actions.

Distorted Media Lens

Despite what the media says they exist in all cultures and at all socio-economic levels very much like how left handed people are dispersed through out society. The media usually only has us focus on the lower class violent psychopath to scare you. They never focus on the very real psychopath who is much more common. Just because someone has a nice job and car does not mean that you are not dealing with a psychopath. Psychopaths thrive in collective environments and are common at the top of most power structures including corporate, government and religious organizations.

The Big Lie

To the psychopath, the lie is the primary weapon. The lie is the justification in their head that they have the right to cause harm. The lie is what ensnares the victim. The lie is as natural as breathing for them. They have no physiological reactions when lying. When caught in the lie they just create more lies.

Sexual Narcissists

The most common and benign form of psychopath is the narcissist. They are so full of self love that they do not recognize feelings of emotions and love in others. They need a  constant fix of adoration or attention or else the become angry or despondent. There are two types of narcissist. The sexual or somatic narcissist who is obsessed with their looks and who use sex to get what they want. They can be hypochondriacs, health nuts or sexually addictive people. They lead shallow lives and often fill the void with new thrills.

Cerebral Narcissists

The other type of narcissist is the cerebral narcissist. They love their own minds. They are a arrogant condescending, know-it-alls who talk down to you. They seek awards and recognition from their peers. Narcissists use others for their own gratification and often dump those who no longer meet their needs. They always take and never give unless it is bait for something else that they want.


The victim is the next type of psychopath. Mostly female, this type of psychopath preys on a weaknesses that they see in others, sympathy. They look weak and pitiful to garner attention and sympathy. The real reason the look this way is to lower the guard of the intended victim. They use sex to entangle multiple victims into relationships. This is done to drain the victim of energy and money until they serve no purpose at which time they just leave.

Con Artist

Another type of psychopath is the con artist. They use their excellent lying capabilities to cheat others. They are the consummate salesperson driven by money and could care less whether people like them or not. Lower intellect or lower ambitious con artists do short cons for quick money while higher intellect or ambitious con artists to tell the big lie for long periods. The thing that is common with both of these cons is that they take something with no intrinsic value and inflate the perceived value to sell it to the victim and then they run. These schemes can grow large enough to take down the entire world economy.

An Enemy within the Gates

It is not bogey men like Hannibal Lector that you should fear. It is the modern psychopath like Bernie Madoff. Bernie Madoff stole over 50 billion dollars and had over 4,000 direct victims and hundreds of thousands of indirect victims. Entire family fortunes were lost and their were a lot of suicides and yet he had no real remorse over what he had done.

A nation can survive its fools but it cannot survive a treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly but a traitor moves amongst those within the gates freely. His sly whispers rustling through all the galleys, heard in every hall of government. For the traitor does not appear to be a traitor, he speaks in accents familiar to his listeners and wears their face and garments. He appeals to the baseness that lies deep within the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of the nation. He works secretly and in the night to undermine the pillars of the city. He infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. According to Cicero, a murderer is less to be feared.

Professional Psychopath

This is the most destructive of all psychopaths. Like the malevolent psychopath that is so prominent in our media, they think nothing of killing. They just never do the acts themselves. While the malevolent psychopath may kill dozens, the professional psychopath, in a suit, may kill millions.

Political Psychopath

There are three types of professional psychopath. The first type is the political psychopath. They can lie and make the biggest promises. They are charismatic and cunning and have a distinct advantage over non psychopaths who will not kill to get ahead. They can put on whatever face to get whatever power that they want. Once they have power, they can become ruthless. They create situations for war and give orders to kill without mercy or remorse.

Religious Psychopath

The next kind of professional psychopath is the religious psychopath. From the bloody sacrifices of Aztec priests to the Spanish Inquisition, crusades and other wars in the name of peace. Religion is another form of power that attracts the psychopath.

Absolute Psychopaths.

The final and most powerful one is the absolute psychopath. Even more disturbing that the political psychopath are the men that fund the wars like the Rothschild's and the Rockefeller's. Just because they are more polished and respected than other psychopaths does not mean that they are not more narcissistic, cunning and vicious as other psychopaths. Bernie Madoff is nothing compared to the global elite that can commit crimes such as mass genocide, generational slavery and the theft of the wealth of nations.

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