Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh My Aching Back - A Pain in the Ass

Oh My Aching Back

Oh My Aching Back is a series devoted to the self treatment of lower back pain. In this installment, we deal with one the more perplexing symptoms of lower back pain, a constant dull aching of the hips/buttocks that may include numbness and/or pain radiating down ones leg.

As with all such advice, one should use caution, JohnQuincy is not a doctor. One should always consult a medical professional for serious medical issues and before attempting any treatment regimen. That being said, John Q at one point in his life developed debilitating lower back pain at a time when he had no medical insurance and had to research and resolve the problem on his own.

Defining Piriformis Pain

Easy Floor Stretches

Intermediate Stretching - Neural Flossing


Intermediate Chair Stretches

Advance Yoga Poses

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