Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Word of the Day: Organic

The word of the day is Organic and, in particular, the 3rd definition of the meaning found below:

Oxford Dictionary of American English - Organic

  • 3denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole:the organic unity of the integral work of art
  •  characterized by continuous or natural development:companies expand as much by acquisition as by organic growth

The usage of the word caught my attention in this post from the Future of Capitalism:

The Future of Capitalism - How it really works.

Jake Tapper has a post attempting to recap and untangle the story of Elizabeth O'Bagy and her Wall Street Journal op-ed piece about the Syrian opposition. He writes, "it is a reminder that a lot of stuff going on in D.C. is not organic, and is a lot more coordinated than many realize."

...which refers to this article:

CNN, The Lead Blog with Jake Tapper - Wagging the dog: The tale of Elizabeth O'Bagy

As the Obama administration prepared its case for military force, O'Bagy wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal headlined "On the Front Lines of Syria's Civil War," in which she pushed back against a narrative that the rebels are al Qaeda led extremists.

But it turns out she also works for an organization that advocates for the Syrian rebels, The Syrian Emergency Task Force, a fact that was not disclosed at the time. The Daily Caller's Charles Johnson first reported O'Bagy's conflict of interest.

On Wednesday, the Institute for the Study of War fired the woman it had repeatedly identified as Dr. O'Bagy. The group said in a statement it had "learned and confirmed that, contrary to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O'Bagy does not in fact have a Ph.D. degree from Georgetown University

It's all part of the weird world of Washington – a doctor who is not a doctor writes an op-ed testifying for the rebels, without disclosing that she is paid for by a rebel advocacy group, and her words are seized as evidence by experts – Kerry and McCain.

But it is a reminder that a lot of stuff going on in D.C. is not organic, and is a lot more coordinated than many realize.

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