Sunday, November 17, 2013

Words of the Day - Hagiographical, Previcator, Limns

Today's links come straight from InstaPundit and show just what a force Glenn Reynolds and the related PJ Media are becoming for the right. Two of the links are for PJ Media writers Ed Driscoll and Richard Fernandez and third is a link to an excellent analysis by Paul A Rahe in Ricochet.

The words of the day come from Paul A Rahe's article and demonstrate a vocabulary that has been enriched by classical scholarship.

Words of the Day

Hagiography - The term “hagiography” has also been used as a pejorative reference to the works of biographers and historians perceived to be uncritical or “reverential” to their subject, and this is arguably the more common usage in a non-specialist context

  • S: (n) liar, prevaricator (a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly)
Limn  (lm)
tr.v. limned, limn·ing (lmnng), limns
1. To describe.
2. To depict by painting or drawing. See Synonyms at represent.

Links of the day

pjmedia ed driscoll - When Obamacare Mugs a Liberal

As Rich Lowry noted yesterday at the otherwise left-leaning Politico, “the great engine of the welfare state,” which Gottlieb and Powers cheerfully supported for most of their adult lives, “is its hidden cost,” which recently crashed upon them, a la Mencken, good and hard:
Usually, the costs of a new program or regulation are too diffuse or distant to matter much politically in comparison to the promise of a direct benefit. This time, the costs aren’t hidden. They are immediate and concrete in the canceled policies and the higher premiums, and they are making the politics of Obamacare toxic.

ricochet - The-Great-Prevaricator

In David Maraniss' largely hagiographical account of Barack Obama's family and his upbringing, there is a chapter entitled "The Moviegoer," which deserves careful attention. In it, Maraniss limns one crucial aspect of the man's character—his propensity to stand back, aloof, and observe his own conduct and that of those about him as if he was the director of a film. He is, in fact, our first postmodern President, and he is always looking in the mirror. He believes that thinking makes things so. He believes that the most important part of the universe within which we live is the imagination. And when things go amiss, he is apt to tell his aides not that he or they have blundered in their deeds, but that they have "lost the narrative." Everything is always about the man his aides call "Obam-me." He is the Prophet of "Change We Can Believe In." Belief is the operative word.

pjmedia richardfernandez - the-clattering-train

But even Krauthammer undershoots. The threat to the liberal project is bigger than Obamacare. The Obamacare fiasco is the mere tip of the iceberg, the harbinger of more … much more. The foreign situation is in freefall, but the biggest bomb is the economy. The most illuminating piece of news is Obama’s proposal to extend unemployment benefits so that the jobless can have a little something over the holidays.

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