Sunday, November 16, 2014

Psychopathic Types

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Ms No World Order

Psychopaths can either be primary or secondary:

Primary Psychopaths

Dis-tempered --> Violent psychopaths of popular imagination who do not respond to punishment.

Charismatic -->  They are able to live the big lie.

Secondary Psychopath

Dis-tempered --> Risk taker who creates violence but who fears being caught.

Charismatic --> Able to tell the small lie and live with it.

Common Types

Narcissist --> Most common and benign form of psychopathy. They are so full of self love that they do not recognize the feelings of others. They need a constant fix of adoration or attention from others or they become angry or despondent. Narcissists use others as a means for their own gratification and dump those who no longer serve their needs. They always take and never give unless it is bait for something else that they want.

There are two types of narcissists:

Sexual or Somatic Narcissist --> They are obsessed with their looks and use sex to get what they want. They can be health nuts, hypochondriacs or sexually addictive people. The lead shallow lives and fill the void with seeking new thrills.

Cerebral Narcissist --> They love their own minds. They are arrogant condescending know-it-alls who talk done to others. They seek awards and recognition from their peers.

Other Types of Psychopaths:

Victim --> The victim is another type of psychopath who is mostly female that preys on a people's sympathy, which is a weakness that they see in them. They look weak and pitiful to garner attention and sympathy They try to elicit sympathy in their target to get them to lower their guard. They use sex as a hook to juggle multiple prey into tangled relationships. This is done to drain their prey of money and energy until they no longer serve any purpose at which time the victim type psychopath dumps them.

Con Artists --> They use their excellent lying capabilities to cheat others. They are the consummate salesperson who only cares about money and care less whether others love them or not. Lower intellect or lower ambitious con artists use short cons to cheat victims. Higher intellect or ambitious cons artists tell the big lie over long periods.

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