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Lost and Found: McCarthy and His Enemies - Part I, Chapter 1, The Problem

Lost and Found: L&F is a series devoted to old books which veer from our modern interpretation of historical events. The series devotes itself to seeking out truth which often lies somewhere twixt the gap between understandings.

The second of this series is devoted to McCarthy and His Enemies by William Buckley and L. Brent Bozell, published by the Henry Regnery Company in 1954. The hearings McCarthy held remain one of the most fascinating dramas of the last century.  Other chapters on this work include:

Lost and Found: McCarthy and His Enemies - Prologue

Part I, Chapter 1
The Problem

In 1949, Winston Churchill gave what many acknowledge to be one of the most important speeches of the last century. While the speech had many highlights, here is the most important point made in the speech:

We are now confronted with something quite as wicked but in some ways more formidable than Hitler, because Hitler had only the Herrenvolk pride and anti-Semitic hatred to exploit. He had no fundamental theme. But these fourteen men in the Kremlin have their hierarchy and a church of Communist adepts, whose missionaries are in every country as a Fifth Column, awaiting the day when they hope to be the absolute masters of their fellow-countrymen and pay off old scores. They have their anti-God religion and their Communist doctrine of the entire subjugation of the individual to the State. Behind this stands the largest Army in the world, in the hands of a Government pursuing Imperialist expansion, as no Czar or Kaiser had ever done.

I must not conceal from you the truth as I see it. It is certain that Europe would have been communized and London under bombardment some time ago but for the deterrent of the Atomic Bomb in the hands of the United States.

The Problem

Whereas before, the impacts of a traitor may have been limited; in today's world, the impact of a traitor could be devastating and lead to world conquest. A Klaus Fuchs in one's midst who is willing to provide nuclear secrets to one's enemies could have a devastating impact.

In such a situation, the United States needed to adapt. Security may need to sacrifice the nine innocents in order to catch the one traitor in our midst instead of the other way around.


Having acknowledged the immediate threat of communists agents's, it seemed that our ruing elites lacked the stomach to combat them. Rather than rooting out the communist agents, our elite seems fixating on persecuting anti-communists. Rather than being anti-communist, they are anti-anti-communists. --> Evolution of an Anti Anti Communist --> Geertz_Anti_Anti_Relativism.pdf
The Other Half of History --> Anti-Anti-Communism

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