Monday, December 26, 2016

From Hell: Alan Moore, Part 2

Alan Moore was intrigued by his visitation from the demon from Asmodeus. He asked his mentor, Steve Moore, no relation, how to pursue it further and Steve suggested choosing a god to focus on.

Comics DataBase - Steve Moore

Glycon - Roman Snake God

More chose the 2nd Century Roman Snake God Glycon as the thought the Snake with long blond hair suited his rock n roll type personality:

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth - Glycon

The ancients didn't have televangelists, but that's only because they didn't have teles. What they did have, like us, was charismatic flim-flam fellows who made a big living preying on the faith of believers. In the middle of the 100s AD, out along the south coast of the Black Sea, a handsome smooth-talker named Alexander got rich inventing a new God, Glycon, and setting up a prophetic oracle to Him. The whole thing is recorded for us first-hand, by a skeptic named Lucian of Samosata.

Rabbit Out of a Hat

Getting into magic has enriched Moore's intellectual life considerably. Magic is all about consciousness and creativity. Any creative act is an act of magic. It is a rabbit out of a hat, something out of nothing. Creative people do not know where they get there ideas from. Any work of art or creation is a magical act. To Moore, magic is a way of understanding his creativity, a way to avoid writers block.

The Moon and Serpent

For those wanting to explore magic, Alan Moore and his mentor, Steve Moore, have written a book, The Moon and the Serpent Bumper Book of Magic to teach people how to go about it.

It explains how to get into a magical state and what to do when you get there along with how to avoid demons.

To Moore, magic is exciting, profound, colorful and deep.

Film Industry

Alan did not design his comics to be made into movies. They were designed to show off the best attributes of comics.

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