Friday, December 30, 2016

Oasis - What's the story?

We're not arrogant, we just believe we're the best band in the world. - Noel Gallagher


It's Noel's songs, Liam's voice...they've got the lot. - Alan McGee, Creation Records

I always knew Oasis would be the new big thing. - Noel Gallagher

Defining a Generation

In 1995, a record, (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, unleashed by two squabbling brothers from Burnadge, UK, defined a generation. The release of the second record by the brother's band, Oasis, transformed these indie rockers into the biggest band in Britain.


The Gallagher brothers grew up in Burnage, a suburb of Manchester. From my limited research, Burnage appears to be a typical, somewhat drab Northern English suburb. No offense intended Burnage, JohnQ grew up in plenty of drab suburbs too.

The brothers, while living in a nice neighborhood, grew up in rough circumstances. Their father, a reclusive alcoholic, beat them often leaving them with stammers. Their mother left their father and took her three boys with her. The brothers became truants with Noel eventually being expelled at the age of 15.

Charming Man

Noel credits this 1983 Top of the Pops performance by the Smith as getting him committed to music and taking up the guitar. At the time, he wanted to be the next Johnny Mars.

Stone Roses - Ian Brown

Another later influence was the Stone Roses. Noel is interviewed in this clip from Spike Island and credits this show for giving Oasis the blueprint for their career:


The Beatles were another strong influence with a version of "I am the Walrus" being one of their first popular live songs when they had a six song live set. In this clip, Noel talks about his admiration for Lennon's lyrical ability:

Inspiral Carpets

Noel actually auditioned as the lead singer for the Inspiral Carpets but was instead offered the job as roadie as they did not consider him to be lead singer material:

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