Monday, February 20, 2017

Pizzagate: DHS Insider

  1. a person within a group or organization, especially someone privy to information unavailable to others.

    "political insiders"

Zero Hedge DHS Insider

Zero Hedge provides a nice overview on the 4chan FBI Anon story courtesy of a purported DHS (Department of Homeland Security) insider:

Zero Hedge 2017-02-17 - DHS Insider Warns "It's Spy Versus Spy"

Here are some of DHS insiders key points fleshed out:

 Ever War in Arabia

While the war in Syria was touted as an exercise in regime change against a brutal dictator in Syria, it is hard to find any credible source that actually believes this justification.

The DHS Insider alleges that there is some support within the FBI for Trump but little in the CIA because Trump is not playing along with their Middle Eastern plans, plans involving the Saudis and Israelis aligned against Iran. It is a hard stakes battle being fought for control of oil pipeline routes in the Middle East. Here is a good overview of this theory:

Asian Times - Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s pipeline wars in Yemen and Syria

Israel has aligned with the Sunni's on this effort due to their joint antipathy towards the Iranian Shiite regime. The Arabs rely on the Israeli's influence in the US to promote this agenda: - ISRAEL'S RELATIONS WITH THE GULF STATES FOCUS ON IRAN, PERCEPTION OF ISRAELI INFLUENCE IN WASHINGTON

It is speculated that this is part of the US strategy to retain military bases in the region and keep it on a continuous war footing: - The War Against the Assad Regime Is Not a "Pipeline War" - Columbus is where the torture taxi and lolita express meet.

Draining the Swamp

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