Friday, September 1, 2017

Game Theory

What if everything boys were told about women was incorrect? What if dating was more like a game that could be mastered by knowing what the rules were?

In this post, we review game theory in terms of the are of picking up women.

SMV Sexual Market Value

Just like at a store, everything has a price tag even men and women in a dating marketplace. In the sexual marketplace women and men price things differently.

PUA Lingo - Sexual Market Value

Women's SMV - Women are valued by men primarily for their looks. For men, all other factors such as social status come in secondary behind physical beauty when the evaluate women.

Men's SMV - The way women value men is more complicated. They evaluate factors such as:

  • Money, 
  • Power, 
  • Social Status, 
  • Social Dominance, 
  • Sense of humor, 
  • and other characteristics

Game theory holds that men can learn to raise their SMV learning to fake or communicate these characteristics better.

Attraction Circuitry Projection

DHV Demonstration of Higher Market Value

2.Leader of men
3.Protector of loved ones
4.Ability and willingness to emote
5.Belief in a greater cause
6.Willingness to walk way


  • wealth (perceived)
  • family background
  • body build
  • sense of humor
  • social intuitiveness and witty-ness
  • ability to have fun and positive emotions (AKA vibe control)
  • understanding how to redirect social pressure
  • sense of style
  • having strong personal values and conviction beyond that of pick up

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