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The Dyad

  1. something that consists of two elements or parts.

    "the mother–child dyad"

Henry Murray

NYT - Hello, Jung Lovers

Although Murray maintained a conventional marriage and social life, the center of his life, and of Forrest G. Robinson's biography, is Murray's affair with Christiana Morgan, a married aristocrat who shared his interest in Carl Jung. For 40 years, the two of them devoted themselves to "the dyad" -- a relationship based on the Jungian idea of the symbiosis between animus, the male spirit, and anima, the female spirit.

Amazon - Love's Story Told: A Life of Henry A. Murray

From the Amazon Description:

Searching out the private man as well as the public figure, this elegantly written biography follows Henry Murray through his discoveries and triumphs as a pioneer in the field of clinical psychology, as a co-founder of Harvard's Psychological Clinic, the co-inventor of the Thematic Apperception Test, and a biographer of Herman Melville. Murray's fascination with Melville's troubled genius, his wartime experiences in the O.S.S., and his close friendships with Lewis Mumford and Conrad Aiken all come to the fore in this masterly reconstruction of a life. And always, at the heart of this story, Robinson finds Murray's highly erotic and mystical relationship with Christiana Morgan. Love's Story Told penetrates to the heart of a brilliant figure in American intellectual life at mid-century, as he dives deeply into the unconscious, testing in work and love the limits of self-exploration.

From the Reviews:

Henry (better known as Harry) Murray was one of America's earliest renowned psychologists. This book ably covers both his life and his work, with an emphasis on the "dyad" -- the nickname of his extremely long love affair with Christiana Morgan, which ran alongside his home life with his wife and daughter. The fact that Murray and Morgan, both highly intelligent psychoanalysts, attempted to make their long-term adultery into a modern "religion" which they could pass on for the benefit of posterity -- all with the encouragement of Carl Jung himself -- makes for a fascinating and cautionary tale.

Christianna Morgan

Translate This Darkness: The Life of Christiana Morgan

From the Amazon Product description:

Christiana Morgan was an erotic muse who influenced twentieth-century psychology and inspired its male creators, including C. G. Jung, who saw in her the quintessential "anima woman." Here Claire Douglas offers the first biography of this remarkable woman, exploring how Morgan yearned to express her genius yet sublimated it to spark not only Jung but also her own lover Henry A. Murray, a psychologist who with her help invented the thematic apperception test (TAT). Douglas recounts Morgan's own contributions to the study of emotions and feelings at the Harvard Psychological Clinic and vividly describes the analyst's turbulent life: her girlhood in a prominent Boston family; her difficult marriage; her intellectual awakening in postwar New York; her impassioned analysis with Jung, including her "visions" of a woman's heroic quest, many of which furthered his work on archetypes; her love affairs and experiences with sexual experimentation; her alcoholism; and, finally, her tragic death

Thematic Apperception Test


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