Thursday, September 21, 2017


Stunning piece by Daniel Greenfield in Front Page Magazine about the Obama administration's surveillance of Trump campaign officials during and after the election: - WHY OBAMA REALLY SPIED ON TRUMP

In it, he speaks about the administrations criminal conspiracy to get around surveillance restrictions against  US citizens by invoking the FISA act. As evidence of a conspiracy, Greenfield points out that:

  • The type of people caught up in this effort were key campaign officials like Bannon, Flynn and Kushner. These were exactly the people that you would surveil if you were after political intelligence on ones political opponent.
  • The Obama administration reopened surveillance on Bannon during the campaign despite the original investigation from 2014 being closed due to lack of evidence.
  • The loosening by the Obama Administration of restrictions limiting the redaction of US citizens names gathered in foreign intelligence operations during the presidential campaign. This led to:
    • Widespread redaction of requests by numerous parties across the Obama Administration.
    • Widespread redaction of US citizen's names, specifically Trump campaign officials.
    • Illegal leaking of information gathered in the surveillance used to undermine Trump administration.
  • These efforts to loosen restrictions and ramp up surveillance closely tracked Trump's rising success during the campaign.
This scandal has recently gained new traction last week after CNN reported that Susan Rice's secret testimony to congress in July showed that she lied about the surveillance during an April MSNBC interview.

MSNBC - April 2017, Susan Rice Lies to MSNBC

Secret Testimony 7/21/2017


CNN 9/14/2017

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