Sunday, April 28, 2019


 "the ever accelerating progress of technology ... gives the appearance of approaching some essential singularity in the history of the race beyond which human affairs, as we know them, could not continue." His definition of the Singularity was that the Singularity is the moment beyond which "technological progress will become incomprehensibly rapid and complicated." -John Von Neumann

Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Akira the Don:

Akira is a British musician currently living in the US who has put the ideas of several thinkers/philosophers to music including Jordan Peterson. Here is a sample of his work:

Akira works on a internet model where he tries to release a vast amount of high level work to support himself.  Part of this focus on volume is the need to get millions of hits to earn a modest income. Mainly, his work ethic has been influence by Alan Moore's Steam Theory of Culture:

These thoughts also relate to Kurtweil's ideas about Singularity:

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