Sunday, August 25, 2019

Essential Anatomy for the Artist

Anatomy for the Artist by Jenő Barcsay

Excellent resource from Jeno Barcsay who has served as the Professor of Applied Anatomy at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts for Decades.

Professor Barcsay's book in turn draws from several well regarded historical works:


Plastische Anatomie by Siegfried Mollier (circa 1924)

Barcsay recomends this tome for its emphasis on movement.


Anatomie Artistique by Richer (Circa 1890)

The main source book for every other artistic anatomy work for over a century.


Anatomischer Atlas by Toldt-Hochsetter (Circa 1948)
atlas der descriptiven anatomie des menschen by Sobotta (Circa 1903-1907)
kollmann's Plastische Anatomie (1928)
textbook of human anatomy and histology by mihalkovich (Hungarian 1898)
descriptive human anatomy krause (1881 Hungarian)
kalman telyesnitsky
Bertalan Szekely
Atlas of Human Anatomy - Ferenc Kiss (1951)

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