Friday, August 30, 2019

Word of the Day: Hegemonic

ruling or dominant in a political or social context.
"the bourgeoisie constituted the hegemonic class"

Steve Bannon sat down last week for a much talked about interview concerning China:

Bannon believes China's goal is to become a hegemonic world power through such initiatives as:

 The One Belt One Road and China 2025 Policies.

Its mercantile policies in poorer areas of the world like Africa an Latin America.

Its economic war against the United States along with its military build up aimed at blocking the US from the South China Sea.

China has brought all forces of government to bear on this goal of becoming the dominant power in the world in the most ambitious manner yet seen. China is simultaneously working on three areas to accomplish their goal where, in the past, great powers have only been able to focus on a single one at a time:

MacKinder Theory of the Heartland

Mahan's Theory of Oceanic Chokepoints

Spykmans Theory of the Rimland

Bannon believes that the Chinese market is built on a house of sand being propped up by the same Wall Street, City of London and Frankfurt financiers that cause the last economic crisis only the next crisis caused by the collapse of the Chinese market will be much larger.

The party of Davos, the elites in the West, actively cooperated with China on the de-industrialization of the West in favor of China.   China exported its overcapacity accompanying deflation to the the West.  We financed the rise of China and China was able to raise its population from poverty. 

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